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Hoobly Rodent Classifieds
Find all kinds of pet rodents for sale at pet classifieds.

Pet Classifieds: Hamsters
Find free hamsters, hamsters for adoption, and hamsters for sale at hamster page.

Pet Classifieds: Hamsters
Hamsters for sale at – Free classified ads in the UK – Buy and sell hamsters and other pets.

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Chinchilla Directory
Chinchilla directory and free chinchilla classifieds.

How to Take Care of a Hamster
Learn how to take care of a hamster, cage accessories, treat illness and more in this complete pet hamster care guide; great for beginner and novice pet owners. Hamster Health
Discusses common health problems and diseases in pet hamsters as well as how to avoid health problems in hamsters.

Hamster Diseases
Information on diseases in hamsters from the MU College of Veterinary Medicine. Shows photos of microscopic slides of various hamster diseases as well as graphic “hamster autopsies” showing the internal pathology caused by the diseases.

Animal Hospitals USA Hamster Diseases
This site offers animal health information for hamsters and other pets. Includes symptoms and treatment infomation covering common types of small pet diseases.

Pet Hamster Care
Pet hamster care, information, facts & pictures.

Great Guide to Hamster Health
Great guide to hamster health.

Guinea Lynx
Medical and care guide for guinea pigs.

Hamster Care
A one-stop source for your pet hamster care information.

Pet Mice
Everything you need to know about caring for pet mice.

Fancy Mice
Fancy mice care and breeding information – genetics, socialization, feeding, housing, and more.

American Fancy Rat & Mouse Association – AFRMA
AFRMA was founded in 1983 to promote and encourage the breeding and exhibition of fancy rats and mice for show and pets. We also educate the public on their positive qualities as companion animals and provide information on their proper care.

Whiskers ‘N Tails Mousery
The virtual home of Whiskers ‘N Tails Mousery, exhibition mouse breeder. Located in Northeast Tennessee.

Rats and Mice-Pets Only
Rats and Mice-Pets Only is a place where rats and mice don’t have to worry about being in danger of being the next meal. My rats and mice are handled daily, loved very much and all make great pets. NONE have bitten, but will lick you every now and then. Contact me if you have any questions or comments. I have several ratties available for adoption at this time.

Fancy Mice Breeders
Fancy mice breeders forum, a wealth of information as well as some of the best fancy mice breeders in the world.

Mouse Lovers Forum
Discussion forum dedicated to mouse breeders, keepers and fans. Friendly place to talk about your furry critters!

Oregon breeder of fancy and show type mice in a wide range of varieties.

Fancy Mice Keepers
Fancy Mice Keepers is a new forum created for owners of pet mice, Full of friendly people from all over the world. If you love mice, you will love our forum.

Mouse Fancier Forum
A US based mouse forum. Great source of information and very friendly.

Crittery – Exotic and Common Rodents
Information on exotic rodents such as African Pygmy Mice, African Pygmy Dormice, Harvest Mice, Steppe Lemmings and Zebra mice as well as more common rodents such as Mongolian Gerbils and Fancy mice. Breeder of African Pygmy Dormice and contains the UK rodent rescue map.

Hamster Fanciers
Hamsters are adorable pets for children and adults alike. Our free, online hamster guide offers first hand tips on caring for your pet, as well as, fun activities just for you!

Animal Tales
Hamster Tales is an informative site about hamsters, which covers the basics and also the more difficult aspects of hamster care, as well as providing other fun information and sweet photos.

How to Take Care of a Hamster
Learn how to take care of a hamster, cage accessories, treat illness and more in this complete pet hamster care guide; great for beginner and novice pet owners.

Inky the Hamster
A diary of my life in hamsters… read for adorable pix, feisty hamster fiascoes, and cool training stuff!

Small Animal Species
Learn all about hamsters and other small animal species at the Small Animal Channel.

All you need to know about hamsters; The different types of hamsters, their food, breeding, life span, housing and health. Also you will find different interesting articles that will cover many aspects of hamsters, hamster games, hamster books, hamster products and much more!

Hamster Land
Provides information on caring and feeding hamsters, breeding, and how to treat hamster illnesses. This site also has hamster photos, a forum where you may ask and get answers to your questions, and more. has lots of great information on hamsters. There are sections on many different hamster breeds, a hamster forum, hamster links, and information on hamster care, feeding and nutrition, and health.
An online hamster community where you’ll find the basics of hamster care, good places to obtain your hamster, a message board, photos, books, gifts, and more.

Hamster House
Come hang out at the Hamster House! We have an active hamster forum, featured hamsters with photos and stories submitted by site visitors, hamster quizzes, a calendar of important hamster events, and a hamster directory.

Hamster Zone
At you’ll get all the information you need to keep you hamster healthy and happy.

The Hamster Site
A site devoted to the care and well-being of hamsters. Has care info, illness information, links to hamster rescue organizations, information on what to feed your hamster, and more.

Mad About Hamsters
Hamster care and breeding advice, hamster photos, a hamster forum, product reviews, and hamsters for sale.

Hamster Hideout
A hideout for all hamster lovers.
Pet Hamster Care
A webpage containing advice and information on hamsters.
It’s basically about me and my hamsters. And it has blogs, forums, music, and links. And it’s pretty. ~Abby

Hamster-Club Guide Book
Hamster-Club Guide book is the ultimate hamster book for all hamster owners since it provides lots of expert hamster advice. This hamster book will help you with most aspects of hamster housing, feeding a hamster, hamster behaviour, hamster reproduction, hamster health, and hamster important tips! This hamster book is also full of beautiful coloured hamster photos and also provides lots of natural remedies to use when a rodent vet is not available. Price €4.99.

Hamleto The Hamster
Hamleto The Hamster is a funny comic strip about the daily adventures of a cute yet sarcastic and cheeky hamster called Hamleto, of his young and naive owner Alice and all their friends.
General information about hamsters, buying hamsters, caring for hamsters, hamsters for sale, hamster supplies, and a hamster forum.
All About Hamsters
This is a site filled with good hamster info & personal experiences with hamsters! Learn about hamster feeding, breeding, & much more.

Hamsterdeg (hamsteryou)
This is my blog about my hamsters.

Natural and Species-Appropriate Hamster Cages
Natural, species-appropriate, and stylish hamster cages.